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Our Mission

To provide, in conjunction with the residents and their families, the children and their parents, and the students an individualised, consumer focused service.  This service will be based on Christian values in the Catholic tradition. Hospitality, love and acceptance will form the cornerstone of Holy Family Services.

Our Vision

Grow and respond to the changing needs of family and community through the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in every interaction in aged, children’s and educational support.


Our Values


Hospitality is the foundation of our legacy and values, and we have put much effort into creating a physical environment suitable to the needs of those entrusted in our care. We are strong supporters of new ideas that enhance family life and community spirit.


Love is an essential value reflected in all our work at Holy Family.

We pride ourselves in making every milestone special for the children and residents in our care, and celebrate life with families and the community.

At Holy Family Services we relate to one another with compassion and empathy, recognising that no two people are the same.


While we are an iconic institution for the Australian-Polish community, our doors have always been open to people from all nations, cultures and religions

Our staff are selected on their willingness to embrace change, diversity and learning about other cultures. We pride ourselves in maintaining an environment where people feel safe, welcome, respected and happy.

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